Awesome new mini frame pump!

Hey there fellow minimalists and weight weenies, have we got a pump for you. The pump body is made of carbon fiber, with a titanium cover for the head. If you’re looking for a pump that will get your tires up to max pressure in the fewest strokes, this is NOT the pump for you. But if you just want a pump that will get you back home after a flat, while adding the least amount of weight possible to your fancy, superlight road bike, this IS the pump for you. Pictured below next to our previous (and still a staff favorite for ease of use) smallest, lightest pump, the small Lezyne Road Drive (82g, 19cm long). This new pump by Nana is just 38g and measures 14cm long. And while it will take a few more strokes to inflate a tire, the small volume insures that those strokes are easy and the pump is capable of high pressure. It’s easily rebuildable with a single, standard o-ring too! And the best part… it’s only $38! Often superlight bike gear is big bucks, but this pump is actually $10 less than the Lezyne!

If this sounds up your alley, come on in and check it out!