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Great review of the new Trek Top Fuel from the guys at PinkBike.

From the review… “The Trek has got a lot of personality, and it is a bike that not only inspires precise and confident handling but really encourages you to push on. Ultimately, it felt like a 120mm tailor-made for someone that wants a short travel bike that excels on aggressive XC trails and is light enough to ride all day.” I’ve been riding mine for about 2 months, and couldn’t agree more.

See the whole review + video here.

Another Checkpoint!

Hey Missoula gravel hounds, this past week we received a very rare 58cm Trek Checkpoint SL 5. Full carbon frame with Shimano GRX drivetrain. Stop in if you’re looking for an awesome, ready to rip, gravel bike – it likely won’t last long!

We got an 1120!

Howdy Missoula area bike packers – we just received a rare and highly sought after Trek 1120. Size is XL, so should fit anyone 6′ or over. Custom front and rear racks secure your load and keep the center of gravity as low as possible for improved handling over typical seatpost and handlebar bags. If your looking for a purpose built bikepacking rig, come on in and check it out!

No Bike Rentals for 2021

Howdy Bikers – due to extreme, pandemic related shortages of all things bicycle, we will not be able to offer rental bikes this year. We hope that the situation improves for 2022, but as it is now, bikes are just not available. Keep those fingers and toes crossed!

Trek Slash 8 wins BikeRadar Enduro bike of the year!

That’s the good news… the bad news? If you order today, you can have one by May 16th! Of 2022…
Quite literally, we are in “better luck next year” territory. Oh well, always nice to win a “shootout”.
In the meantime, ride whatcha got!

Glowing reviews for the all new Trek Top Fuel…

It’s been two-plus months since Trek released the new Top Fuel, and the reviews are starting to trickle in. This full-suspension cross country mountain bike is exactly what tons of XC racers, trail riders, and marathoners have been looking for. And now bike media members are singing the praises of the Top Fuel, too:

“It’s devilishly quick, accelerates in a way that makes it seem like my legs actually produce real power. It’s stable, planted, and it tracks like it’s supposed to. Endurance athletes will be able to remain seated over more terrain, saving precious energy over the long haul, while XC pinners will hook up better on steep technical climbs.” –Ryan Palmer, Bike Magazine

“The new Top Fuel might not be a pure XC-race bike anymore, but it’s still precise and very fast. Its new trail orientation makes it a great choice for a rider who wants a fast and light bike with most of the efficiency of a cross-country race bike, but with bit more versatility and playfulness.” – Jessica Coulon, Bicycling Magazine

“Top Fuel is damn efficient heading up, but when you hit a downhill the bike rides much more like a lightweight trail bike than a purebred XC race machine, and has no hesitation getting a little rowdy if you’re willing to let it. It may not be as much of a purebred racer as its predecessor, but that just means it’s a bike you could race one weekend and head out for a big backcountry adventure the next without making too many compromises.” – Daniel Sapp, Pinkbike

Trek Remedy comes out on top yet again!

2 out of 3 Pinkbike editors choose Remedy

Pinkbike’s discerning product testers have been busy putting long-travel all-mountain bikes through some rigorous late-season shootout testing. Remedy had tough competition from some great bikes. But in the end, two out of three testers said they would choose Remedy if forced to pick their one-and-only ride.

“I want a bike that feels relatively quick and efficient on all types of climbs. And when it’s time to come back down, I want a bike that rewards how I like to ride, which is like an idiot. Yeah, I want to be rewarded for being an idiot. I don’t need to snag any KOMs on the descents, but I do need to take dumb lines, skid a load, spend a lot of time on one wheel, and generally be a goof.” – Mike Levy

“I’d go with the Remedy. Why? It’s fun. It makes me want to ride, and do so in a variety of terrain without worrying about whether the bike is up to the task or not. I think that I would feel equally comfortable riding it at home in Pisgah as I would anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.” – Daniel Sapp

With 150mm/160mm of travel, fun-loving 27.5” wheels, and a host of Trek technologies that guarantee a great ride, Remedy is down for any party, no matter how wild.

Check out the whole story here

Be safe out there! The science of being seen.

Great article in Velo News about how to increase your visibility to drivers.  The 2 big take-aways are: most cyclists vastly overrate how visible they are to drivers, and that good daytime running lights and proper clothing can increase your visibility up to 270% – that’s a pretty huge number.  With drivers being more and more distracted, making yourself as visible as possible has never been more important!  Be safe out there!

Want the fastest tires – listen to this podcast!

Have you heard the news – contrary to long held beliefs, fatter tires at lower pressures are faster. Most folks scoff when they first hear this (I know I did), so if you need convincing, listen to this podcast. And if you need some fat, fast, and comfy tires, we got ’em!