Our guarantee

Low price guarantee

We know you work hard for your money! Shop with us and know we are looking out for you. Our goal is to always have the lowest price, so we can be your one stop shop. If you find the same item for less, we will happily match the price. If you already bought the item from us, we’ll refund you the difference in store credit for up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

*Must be the exact same item, including size, color and year. Item must be in stock at an authorized US dealer of that product. We must be able to verify price difference with the original copy of an ad or link to the website. We reserve the right to not match items that are below our cost. Other offers, such as 12 month no interest financing and discount coupons, cannot be combined with our price match guarantee. Please note most major manufacturers do not allow the sale of items on Ebay, Amazon or other similar sites. Items found on these sites are generally not being offered by “authorized dealers” and are not covered by our price match. Buyer beware! Manufacturers won’t warranty products sold through these channels as they are not being sold by a source authorized by the manufacturer. Not sure, just ask us.


Love it or bring it back

When you shop with us know that we want our customers to be satisfied. This 30-day window allows you to truly evaluate the product in real world conditions to determine if the product is really right for you. If it didn’t meet your expectations, just bring it back and we will find the right product for you. Items purchased may be exchanged for a different product and any price difference will be applied to store credit.

Parts and Accessories: Keith Bontrager has a long history of designing some of the best frames, parts, and accessories in the bike biz! Keith is no longer making frames, but he is still designing awesome aftermarket products including helmets, shoes, seats, tires, and clothing. Purchase any of these and know we will gladly exchange or refund your purchase if not satisfied within 30 days of the date of purchase. The only exception is original equipment that is included as part of the bike specification.

Bicycles: Simply not comfortable on your new bike? Let’s schedule you for a “re-fit” and we can discuss the best course to getting you comfortable and riding pain free. Maybe it’s a different bike that is better for you. We will gladly exchange for a different bike. Any price difference will be applied to store credit. Our 30 Day Guarantee is not intended to be a rental program. We do have rental bikes.
Purchase confidently and know we will gladly exchange your purchase if not satisfied within 30 days of purchase. Just bring it in and we can find the right product for you. We reserve the right to decline excessively used or abused returns.