We have an experienced and knowledgeable staff whose only goal is to make sure you get the best bike, parts, or accessories for your particular needs. And we only sell stuff that we know works, because we use it ourselves.

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Open Road carries a wide range of Bicycle Accessories including Helmets, Shoes, Saddles, Lights, Computers, Pumps, Locks, Racks, Bags and Panniers, Tires, Tools, and much more. As lifelong bike enthusiasts ourselves, we use the products we sell, so we know how they perform, and can recommend the best choice for your intended use. And for every category, we try to carry “good – better - best” options so whether you're priority is low cost or top performance, we'll have something that fits the bill. We'd also like to point out that all Bontrager parts and accessories come with an unconditional 30 day satisfaction guarantee – purchase any of these and know we will gladly exchange or refund your purchase if not satisfied within 30 days of the date of purchase. The only exception is original equipment that is included as part of the bike specification.

Bike Servicing

Suspension set-up guide at

Trek’s current line up of full suspension bikes have some of the best technology in the bike biz, but all that technology is lost if your suspension is not adjusted properly for you. Now Trek has easy to follow guidelines.

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Did you also know we have a full service bike shop onsite?